IT Asset Disposition Services

Every organization depends on technology until the technology isn’t viable.  When technology isn’t viable any longer, it becomes a liability as the costs of supporting post-warranty equipment outweigh the processing capability of older equipment and many struggle with implementing a process to take systems offline, safeguard sensitive data and ensure that the toxic elements of the infrastructure won’t adversely affect the environment. Over the past few decades many organizations have developed internal practices to effectively mitigate these risks yet inefficiencies even regionally are compounded on the global scale for most IT departments. AVASO Federal’s global ITAD business practice can provide a unified business process for the entire organization, from APAC to EMEA to the AMERICAS and everywhere in between. 

AVASO Federal’s global ITAD practice provides: 

  • Centralized Reverse Logistics Management 
  • Standard Business Practices that you identify for every class of asset 
  • Downstream accountability to eStewards or R2 standard compliance 
  • Centralized reporting for all assets 
  • Reclamation of Value for many product types 
  • Data Destruction up to and including NIST 800.88 and DoD 5220.22M standards 

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