Professional payroll provider. 

AVASO operates over 20 facilities globally that serve as a one-stop resources for the integration and delivery of payroll services. 

International payroll services

Experience in managing and operating payroll services for businesses ranging from multinationals, and medium-sized enterprises, whether locally and foreign-based. 

With local knowledge in the individual markets, is your assurance of the payroll processes are in the hands of dedicated payroll professionals.  

Our key feature is that we specialize in the complexities of payroll processing and taxes, and compliance with the different legislations in the individual markets, combined with a customer focus where our payroll services – tailored to your needs.  

A global vision with local knowledge

Outsourcing payroll 

We provide and assist as a full-service payroll provider, as specialists in the IT and Tech industry, we specialize to offer the best solutions in managing and operating within HR, administration & payroll services internationally.  

Payroll service solutions

By outsourcing payroll in your organization, you can simplify and streamline employee and payroll administration in one and letting you focus on growing your core business.  

AVASO brings expertise in the following areas:

  • Applications for reimbursements  
  • Preparation and handling of payroll input for your employees overseas
  • Compliance issues and government regulations
  • Social insurance and accident insurance applications
  • Managing holiday pay obligations & holiday data
  • Processing of deductions
  • Pay transactions
  • Taxes

               And much more..

As your payroll partner

Customers choose AVASO for its flexibility, responsiveness, and customer service. AVASO takes a personalized approach to each project, is your assurance that we are obligated to stay current with rules, regulations, and changes in tax rates for all geographic locations, which is part of the guaranteed service we provide.

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