Backup, Recovery and Archival

Data protection is increasingly complex thanks to growing data volumes, virtualization, cloud computing and mobility. AVASO Federal understands these challenges and can help customers re-architect their backup and recovery platforms to meet today’s requirements for speed, efficiency and scalability. 

Our enterprise-class backup and recovery solutions help shrink backup windows and enable centralized management of the data protection infrastructure. We also provide solutions that are optimized for virtualized environments, enabling faster backups and single-step restores while drastically improving server performance and reducing the amount of network bandwidth required for backup processes. 

AVASO FEDERAL delivers end-to-end data protection solutions that are fast, scalable and optimized for today’s virtualized environments: 

  • Data centre and edge backup 
  • Virtualization backup 
  • Tape, disk, cloud and hybrid solutions 
  • Replication and disaster recovery
  • De-duplication
  • Backup management 

We also provide comprehensive data archival solutions to meet growing legal, regulatory and business requirements for long-term data retention. Our engineers can architect a tiered storage solution that automatically moves inactive data to the most cost-effective storage media, and ensure that it is kept secure, accurate and tamper-resistant.