Software-Defined Data Centre

The “software-defined” concept extends the benefits of virtualization beyond server platforms, enabling the creation of shared pools of resources that can be allocated dynamically. In the software-defined data centre, the virtualization principles of abstraction, pooling and automation encompass all data centre resources and services, simplifying management and accelerating the provisioning of compute, storage and networking resources through policy-driven automation. 

 Elements of the software-defined data centre include: 

  • Software-defined networking, which moves the “control plane” of the network away from individual network devices to a controller that works with all the devices, virtual and physical 
  • Software-defined storage, which similarly decouples the control plane from the data plane so that storage devices can be managed as a single resource 
  • Cloud infrastructure and management, which provides virtualized infrastructure services with built-in, policy-based intelligence to automate on-demand provisioning, placement, configuration and control of applications 

 AVASO Federal maintains longstanding partnerships with leaders in the software-defined data centre movement. We can help forward-thinking organizations leverage these solutions to gain the efficiency, agility and control to deliver IT as a service.