What is your Multi Cloud Business Data Strategy

As the familiarity and understanding of cloud computing across industries becomes the norm, a new yet vital development from it called multi cloud has been touted in the last few years. Major industry players like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Service (AWS), Google and even IBM have been offering range of products through their respective cloud services. This in turn has businesses to consider a definite multi cloud strategy. Having a multi cloud strategy was [...]

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Top Reasons to Choose a unified Communications Application for your Business

Unified Communication (UC) in this age of modern telecommunication is an application that businesses should consider as an important necessity in its day to day activities. Legacy systems like Private Branch Exchange or commonly known as PBX were the main phone system adopted by many for their organizational communications needs. In brief, a PBX system takes in all the calls your organization receives from the outside world and directs them to your various employees' [...]

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