Business People in Smart Casual Wear Discussing Affairs.In the current business climate, it’s common to leverage distributed teams or outsourcing to get all the work done. That’s especially true in the IT industry. With remote work or hybridized models also coming more to the forefront as the pandemic continues, it’s also possible to have dozens of vendors as part of your day-to-day operations.

Think about the vendor ecosystem at your business. You may have many layers to filter through on a project that you are leading to execution. One way to solve that is to work with a company that eliminates the need for those layers.

This is something that AVASO can specifically help you solve. Because of the way we approach managed IT services, we can tap the specific workforce you use for the solution you need. That means one company can serve all your needs, with access that can help solve complex issues more directly.

Among the advantages to working with a vendor in this manner are the following:

Quality control
With one direct company, you can better scrutinize the work and regularly check standards to make sure the consistency is there.

It’s easier to strategically plan work to maximize time as well as resources.

Talent management
Instead of sifting through a huge CRM or other documents to see who you are working with, you can have one place to check on individual projects.

Process development
Having the full workforce available in one place means you can also enforce one set of processes that best fit your own company’s goals.

Accurate data
Instead of needing to group different data from different sources, you can rely on one source of truth for the analysis.

Cost stewardship

With all the middlemen taken out of the picture, you can negotiate for the services you need at a price that makes the most sense for where your company’s current needs.

As part of our work with companies, AVASO also works directly with the engineers in your individual country, to eliminate even further outsourcing. It’s a streamlined plan to help bring about better business outcomes.

And, we have plenty of experience working with clients around the globe. We do business in more than 150 countries currently, with offices in 40 locations around the world. We also focus a lot on giving back to those communities, with 3% of our revenue going to social responsibility programs. It’s important to be more than just your business partner — we care about what’s going on in your community as well.

If you are hoping to untangle the web of vendors that are partnering with your business, consider us for some help. Go to our website to learn more about what we can do for your IT systems and projects.