Young Asian university student using a laptop on campusAn increasing number of higher educational institutions are looking to managed IT services to augment their IT staff and cost-effectively meet demands. Think 24/7 help desks, application and network support, IT security, and cloud-based data backup and recovery. Here’s a look at a few of the reasons why:

One point of contact

In general, if the the school needs general support, advice or guidance on a product or to troubleshoot an issue, one phone call takes care of it all. It gives the client the ability to ­get answers quickly.

Cost savings

A recent EDUCAUSE survey found that 63 percent of colleges had slashed their IT budgets for the 2020-2021 academic year. Something’s gotta give. Managed IT services can address staffing limitations. Better yet, they eliminate the need for an upfront capital investment in equipment. The retainer-based model is more predictive. You can budget more accurately while knowing your bases are covered in the event of a need.

Better customer service

As many colleges and universities went virtual in spring 2020, they were left scrambling to figure out how to meet the demands of their student body. Faculty and staff had to quickly pivot to online modalities, but there were often more questions than answers. Help desk calls increased exponentially across the board on college campuses around the nation.

That’s when a 24/7 strategic partner can help fill in gaps and expedite response time. In the case of general calls, this means IT staff aren’t overwhelmed and inundated, and they can provide more personalized support. While some colleges and universities can deliver 24/7 support, outsourcing service desk operations can boost an institution’s ability to manage IT operations, bandwidth and infrastructure.

Attract IT talent for less

It can be difficult to attract the best and the brightest if the budget isn’t commensurate. That’s why many private institutions supplement their IT staff with managed services. It means that external partners become part of the team.

Bolster security

A managed IT services partner can develop a secure network and execute and monitor critical security updates. Managed IT providers can also design an access level hierarchy. Such a provision can prevent students from accessing confidential data like grades. Furthermore, a managed IT provider can educate your workforce on data security. They’ll also maintain a backup and recovery system in the event of data loss.

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