50986217_M“The only constant is change.” Every organization depends on technology until the technology is no longer viable.

When technology isn’t viable, it can become a liability as the costs of supporting post-warranty equipment outweigh the processing capability of older equipment. Because it can be a struggle for a company to implement a process to take systems offline, safeguard sensitive data and ensure that the toxic elements of the equipment won’t adversely affect the environment, IT Asset Disposition services (ITAD) have developed.

ITAD has rapidly become a multi-billion dollar business with a growing number of new businesses, but not all companies are created equal.

How can you be certain company data, and the environment, will be protected when it is time to upgrade and replace equipment?

In an article for E-Scrap News, writer Dan Leif states the term ITAD has become “fuzzy” and can mean different things to different stakeholders. Some companies are calling themselves ITAD providers without essential asset management protocols in place.

Karen Pollard, formerly an electronics management expert at the US EPA, said that at its most basic, ITAD is going to businesses, taking products, doing reuse and refurbishment and then any necessary data destruction. But with essential compliance requirements and recommended certification, it’s more important than ever to have confidence with the company chosen for ITAD.

With AVASO Technology Solutions, our global services can provide a unified business process for your organization’s needs worldwide.

AVASO’s global ITAD practice provides:

  • Centralized Reverse Logistics Management. With operations in more than 150 countries, you can be confident AVASO can provide ITAD services wherever needed.
  • Standard Business Practices that you identify for every class of asset. AVASO has eliminated the multi-vendor system and the many, many layers of vendors other companies are required to have to provide services. While they have to outsource, AVASO maintains complete control of the workforce, which allows for greater control of quality, speed, processes and consistency. By cutting out the middle men, we are able to offer a price to win strategy to benefit our partners.
  • Downstream accountability to both voluntary certification programs, eStewards or R2 standard compliance. You can be confident AVASO completes ITAD within the latest recommended standards.
  • Centralized reporting for all assets
  • Reclamation of value for many product types.
  • Data Destruction up to and including NIST 800.88 and DoD 5220.22M standards. AVASO will treat your company data with the same care and concern as we would our own company information.

Let us show how AVASO can provide ITAD and many other IT services.