Computer networkWhat is data virtualization, and how can it benefit your clients? According to blockchain developer Michiel Mulders, “Data virtualization is a form of data management that aggregates different data sources.”

But what can this mean for your clients and their business needs. It’s simple. Since “data virtualization is capable of creating a single, virtual layer that spans different data sources,” Mulders writes that “this means an organization can access data much faster since there’s no need to move or copy data.” Businesses can operate faster – from systems to analytics to insights, asserts Mulders in his article.

Why is that important? As Mulders describes it, “data virtualization acts as the pinnacle of data integration. It allows an organization to integrate many different data sources into a single data model.” This allows a company to manage all of their data from a single, centralized interface. Data virtualization is a great tool for collecting, searching, and analyzing data from different sources. As there’s no data copying involved, it’s also a more secure way of managing data.

In other words, data virtualization helps companies to become more agile and use their data faster, creating a competitive advantage as you receive analytics and insights more quickly.”

Interested in how AVASO Technology Solutions can provide data services, including data virtualization, for you and your clients?

AVASO helps ensure your success by:

  • Assessing the potential impact of virtualization on the data center environment
  • Selecting workloads suitable for virtualization
  • Ensuring that the computer, storage and network infrastructure can support virtualization
  • Addressing software licensing issues

We also help customers avoid the pitfalls of virtualization, including bottlenecks and management challenges, through our proven methodologies and architectural approach. Our engineers have a vast understanding of virtualization technologies complemented by our broad expertise in data center solutions.

Our engineers can help customers develop a strategy for transforming the virtualized environment into a platform for cloud services. Integrated management, automation and orchestration enable the rapid provisioning and optimized delivery of IT services in a private cloud model.

With global distribution capabilities and coverage in more than 150 countries, AVASO can meet a company’s specific and particular needs anywhere in the world. With AVASO, we have control of our workforce from top to bottom, eliminating the multi-vendor levels and outsourcing many other companies are dependent on.

We have a proven track record of success helping organizations manage explosive data growth and ensure that vital information assets are available across the extended enterprise. AVASO offers a comprehensive suite of storage solutions for every need and budget. Let us show you how: