Global business network with connected lines on world map, worldWhen it comes to project deployment, you can choose to send your own technicians to the site, or you can hire local field technicians who already have a presence in the area. While both options are feasible in theory, there are some solid benefits to hiring local field technicians. Here’s a look at some of the merits of going this route:

1. Remove cultural barriers.
A different country means different cultural norms and a learning curve that comes with it. Rather than having your staff spend time gaining the necessary knowledge to work in their new environment, save time and cultivate a better relationship with your global customers by hiring techs local to the project. You also might find they’re versed in regulatory matters, so that can mean increased efficiency. Time is money, after all!

2. Reduce logistical costs.
Sending your technicians halfway around the world can be a pain in more ways than one. Flying comes with too many variables, especially in light of COVID-19. By employing technicians who live in the same area as the project, you don’t have to worry about those details and can instead focus on the project at hand. Plus, if there’s a need for follow-up work, you already have the resources in place.

3. Adhere to local safety protocols.
The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we do business. Concerns about infection have been brought to the fore and the onus is on the organization to keep workers, vendors and partners safe. For example, some countries require anyone entering the country to quarantine for two weeks before going about their business. This would delay the project and there could be other related roadblocks. That’s why working with techs local to the project is going to simplify matters because they’re familiar with the current restrictions and can navigate the changing landscape.

These are just a few reasons to have local people on the ground. There are many others. When you need a partner for field engineering support, AVASO is the clear answer. Contact us for a free consultation: